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Bath Lifts

Enjoy a peaceful soak without any difficulty

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Bath Lifts

With a bath lift from Broadland Mobility, you can ease yourself into a relaxing soak without any difficulty. No matter your age or circumstance, we have an option to suit your needs.

A bath lift works with complete convenience to make it easy for you to get in and get out of your bathtub. Placed securely across your bath, the bath seat will safely and gently lower you into the water, and, when you’re ready to get out, it will smoothly raise you back up – all without any fuss.

Whether you opt for a model with a backrest or one without, you can relax without any worry or the need for any assistance from anyone else, allowing you to bathe in peace whenever you like.

If you need any specific advice on which bath lift would best suit your needs or your bathroom, all you need to do is ask one of our friendly members of staff. They’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

For more information on the range of mobility equipment and bath lifts available in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and the surrounding areas, simply contact us today.


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